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Hey, I'm Jared Scheib. 🍍✨

I'm passionate about play, mental health, community, & pineapple. All 78 species. Especially Maui Gold.

I experience myself in transformation, working to become whole. I believe in each of our power to overcome.

I'm a lead product engineer, artist, & entrepreneur living in the big pineapple, NYC. πŸ—½

I love collaboration, teamwork, leadership, & striving to do somethin' big & good, with an ambitious & high-integrity team — to make a real, needed, felt impact in the lives of people & customers.

I've built & shipped technical & consumer products at high-performing, VC-backed, YC-grad startups in NYC & SF, from pre-seed to Series C.

For example, from 2018 to 2020, I helped build Paperspace and its AI platform, which sold to DigitalOcean for $111mm in July 2023.

I'm open to work & collabs. Wanna chat?

I build & produce technology & media, direct film & theater, produce & host events, make art, mentor founders, advise startups, & more.

I'm grateful & proud that my work has made a difference in folks' lives & been appreciated around the world.

I'm a graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in film production, and also studied neuroscience as an inaugural member of the USC Brain & Creativity Institute.

I'm also a graduate of Hack Reactor for coding & Product School for product management.

I'm from Texas, lived a spell in California, was a nomad for a while, and now call New York City home.

Here I am in a pineapple onesie doing street interviews in NYC. 🍍

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In 2020, I founded Pineapple AF, a ridiculously serious events & technology startup rooted in mental health support. 🍍✨

Our mission is to create tools for people to have healthy relationships.

In early 2023, we produced mental health-positive events for building community & skills around emotional & relational intelligence.

This includes the hit meetup Emotion AI, a community forum about emotional intelligence, artificial & organic, as well as The Big Pineapple, a support group for survivors of Complex PTSD.

During the pandemic, we built Pineapple, an anti social media app for human connection & conversation that facilitates authentic expression in small groups.

In late 2019, Pineapple AF started by producing pineapple restaurant pop-ups in NYC & LA.

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closing out two bangin' In Pineapple We Trust pineapple-in-your-mouth pop-ups the only way we know that makes sense anymore.. #pineappleaf #🍍 #InPineappleWeTrust ~ much love and gratitude to everyone who pineappled hard, crew and guests -- 70 total mouths to feed glory to, sold out one and nearly the other! πŸ™πŸΌπŸβœ¨πŸ€™πŸΌβ€οΈ more photos & video to come!

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From 2020 to 2022, I also founded, designed, produced, & shut down Bizmuth, a furniture collection of beautiful solid wood tables, case goods, and accessories that embody stories of transformation, inspired by the metal crystal bismuth, which I've loved since I was a kid.

I've mentored software engineers & product managers. I've advised startups & small businesses.

Before Pineapple AF, I helped build growth technology startups as a software engineer, product manager, and many-hat-wearer. Two were VC-backed Y-Combinator companies, Paperspace and InfluxData. At InfluxData I built a cloud DevOps platform for observability, i.e. cloud software infrastructure to monitor & keep up systems by capturing, visualizing, & analyzing real-time & historical time series data. At Paperspace I built a general-purpose cloud Artificial Intelligence platform for teams & individuals to build, train, & collaborate on machine learning & deep learning models. Both of these products are technical tools used by other software engineers & AI/ML/DL engineers.

Prior to tech & events, I was an artist-entrepreneur in film, theater, & fine art. One of the movies I directed, produced, edited, & distributed is The Mayor, a 70-min documentary about old people living life to the fullest in a retirement community in Texas, especially focusing on an 88-year-old tailchaser back on the dating scene.

I also directed & dramaturged plays for the stage. Two of my theater works are Doodu Boy & Wrestles with Machista. Both are one-person, autobiographical plays – hilarious & dramatic stories of personal transformation & growth – performed by the person whose story it is, & woven from the fabric of their lives, like personal documentaries on stage.

In addition to film & theater, I co-founded & ran Cecelia Webber Art, where I championed Cecelia's artwork by making it accessible online, believing in its appeal. It went viral, and I managed, sold, & distributed her visual fine art around the world. Check out Cecelia's beautiful art about humanity's intimate connection to nature.

As a consultant & advisor, among other ventures I helped my parents start & grow their Texas cookie company, Eileen's Pralines – ask for the pineapple one! 🍍

I'd love to hear from you. What moves you? What's alive in you? What inspires you? Pineapple me about it! πŸπŸ€™πŸΌβœ¨

You can find more about me & watch some of my short films below.

past things i did

2023-07 Celebrated the acquisition of Paperspace, an AI platform & company I helped build, by Digital Ocean.
2023-04 Launched & hosted a 6-event pilot for The Big Pineapple, a mental health creative support group for New Yorkers living with Complex PTSD. 🍍✨
2023-04 Launched & sold out Emotion AI NYC, a hit meetup on emotional intelligence, organic & artificial. 🍍✨
2022-09 Got 1mm+ views on social media doing pineapple onesie street interviews in NYC. 🍍✨
2022-06 Released Pineapple app to the Apple App Store. 🍍✨
2020-10 Founded Pineapple AF, PBC. For pineapple! 🍍✨
2020-08 Engineered & released the Paperspace Terraform Provider, for anyone to create software systems infrastructure as code on Paperspace Cloud.
2020-08 Engineered & released Managed Gradient Clusters, a 1-click end-to-end Machine Learning platform on Paperspace Cloud for team collaboration.
2019-11 to 2012-01 Hosted & sold out 4 pineapple-themed experiential restaurant pop-ups in LA & NYC called In Pineapple We Trust & Tiny Renaissance 🍍!
2019-10. Spoke at the technology conference AI DevWorld & accepted the award for Deep Learning Technology on behalf of Paperspace.
2019-10 Debuted & demoed a Deep Fake App the same day I unveiled the Gradient Community Notebooks product to the world, live at AI DevWorld on Oct 10, 2019 in San Jose, California.
2019-10 to 2020-05 Product-managed & released Gradient Community Notebooks, a machine learning Jupyter notebook product, allowing anyone to develop AI in the cloud for free. Learn more on Product Hunt:
Gradient Community Notebooks - Jupyter notebooks you can run on free cloud GPUs | Product Hunt Embed
Before & more. See my LinkedIn, GitHub, and IMDb.

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