Last updated: 2021-07

Yo, I'm Jared AF Scheib. I'm an entrepreneur focused on technology, and I moonlight in furniture. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, have lived in LA and SF, was nomadic for a couple of years, and now I call Brooklyn, New York City home.

In late 2020, I co-founded Pineapple AF, PBC, a seriously ridiculous 🍍 startup. Pineapple AF's mission is to create tools for people to have healthy relationships. I'd love for you to check out what we're building.

My side hustle is a new furniture brand, Bizmuth. Bizmuth embodies a concept very near and dear to me: iterative transformation. Looking for inspiration or to buy furniture? I'd love to hear how you like it.

I've mentored budding technologists (engineers and product managers) and advised startups and small businesses for a number of years. Before Pineapple AF and Bizmuth, I wrote software at two VC-backed Y-Combinator startups, Paperspace and InfluxData, where I engineered technical tools for infrastructure monitoring and for machine learning, the latter which I also product-managed.

Prior to my technology chapter, I directed, produced, and distributed film and theater, including The Mayor, a feature documentary film about old folks living it up in a retirement community in Texas, Doodu Boy, and Wrestles with Machista. I also co-founded Cecelia Webber Art, where I managed and distributed the artwork of Cecelia Webber, a visual artist whose art went viral online. I also helped my parents start their Texas cookie company, Eileen's Pralines – try one!

You can see some of my short film works below, and there's more about me on the greater internet. I'd love to hear from you – get in touch by tapping the video of me talking below. πŸπŸ€™πŸΌβœ¨

recent things i did

2020-10 Founded Pineapple AF, PBC. For pineapple! 🍍✨
2020-08 Engineered & released the Paperspace Terraform Provider, for anyone to treat infrastructure as code on Paperspace Cloud.
2020-08 Engineered & released Managed Gradient Clusters, a 1-click end-to-end Machine Learning platform on Paperspace Cloud.
2020-01 Hosted & sold out In Pineapple We Trust, our 4th pineapple pop-up, in Los Angeles.
2019-10. Spoke at AI DevWorld & received an award for Deep Learning Technology on behalf of Paperspace.
2019-10 Debuted & demo'ed a Deep Fake App in a Gradient Community Notebook,
live at AI DevWorld on Oct 10, 2019 in San Jose, California.
2019-10 – 2020-05 Product managed & released Gradient Community Notebooks, allowing anyone to do machine learning for free. Learn more on product hunt:
Gradient Community Notebooks - Jupyter notebooks you can run on free cloud GPUs | Product Hunt Embed
Before and more. See my LinkedIn, GitHub, or IMDb.

films i directed

videos i remixed

moments i documented