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JARED SCHEIB is a full stack software engineer focused on modern Javascript frameworks with an arts and business background. In 2016, he worked at Tagasauris, where he built multiple web, mobile, and native app prototypes to demonstrate the user experiences possible when applying machine learning to video search and discovery, and an image and video data collection and preparation pipeline to power those experiences. He also explored and championed Liquid Democracy. Prior software projects include SPECTER and RALLY, both web apps with a mission to connect people. Check out my resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, SPECTER presentation.

About Jared

JARED SCHEIB (aka Dreama) is a software engineer, artist-entrepreneur, and uncertified professional hugger from Dallas, Texas, based in San Francisco. A graduate of the University of Southern California, he studied film production in the School of Cinematic Arts and neuroscience as an inaugural member of the Brain and Creativity Institute. In 2016 he was a software engineer at Tagasauris, focused on AI-driven web video experiences. He also explored, envisioned, and championed Liquid Democracy. In 2015 he worked as a software engineer at ezhome. He also served as a host at Tea Oasis SF, and as a facilitator and green teamer at multiple transformational festivals. In 2014 he contributed as an engineer and product owner on two teams to create the web apps SPECTER and RALLY, both with a mission to connect people. That same year, he made his Off-Broadway directorial debut with DOODU BOY, his second full-length, original documentary play to direct and dramaturge after WRESTLES WITH MACHISTA in 2011. His first feature documentary film THE MAYOR is in distribution after completing its international festival run, and he is in post-production on his second, WHAT LOVE IS. His commercial DO YOU BELIEVE IN A SECULAR AMERICA? won the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science’s social media contest in 2012. His films have been exhibited worldwide, most notably on screen at the Gerontological Society of America’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington DC, Directors Guild of America Theater in Hollywood, Dallas Museum of Art, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and Auckland Art Gallery; on television in Texas, Israel, and New Zealand; and online on VHX, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, and SnagFilms. His plays have gone up at the Santa Monica Playhouse in LA, SoHo Playhouse and Theatre Row in Manhattan, The Marsh in San Francisco, and Black Repertory Group in Berkeley. In addition to tech, film, and theater, Jared has managed friend and artist, Cecelia Webber, whose Human Nature artwork has been seen, sold, and licensed worldwide, from Barneys New York in NYC to the Museo Civico in Verona, Italy and across the internet. He has also spoken, paneled, guest-lectured, and taught at conferences, universities, high schools, and festivals on topics including technology, art, aging, personal growth, and unconditional love. In 2014, Jared chose to augment his arts journey with technology and immersive experiences in order to pursue his passion for understanding and creating transformative emotional impact through dynamic, interactive art and artificial emotional intelligence. In his art, Jared has learned that content is king, and to that end he imbues his works with universality, authenticity, and intensity, striving to emphasize what makes experience meaningful: honesty, vulnerability, and connection.

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What is the value of judging?


How many senses does it take to perceive an objective reality?


Is the symbol, the symbolized?


Why fear the unknown?


What is the nature of the nature of reality?


Who am I?


To live unconditional love. This is my theme, my hope, my struggle.

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Software Engineer / Product Owner
Project Image
The Mayor
Director / Producer / Editor
Project Image
Doodu Boy
Director / Dramaturge
Project Image
Public Speaking
Speaker / Panelist / Guest-Lecturer
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Cecelia Webber Art
Business / Talent Manager
Project Image
Do You Believe in a Secular America?
Director / Producer / Editor
Project Image
Wrestles With Machista
Director / Dramaturge
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What Love Is
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Eileen's Pralines
Consultant / Graphic Design / Web
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Kind Words

  • Collaborating with Jared has been a most rewarding experience. If you are interested in developing a one-person play, you would be hard-pressed to find a more capable mind. But be ye forewarned: Be prepared to create excellence. With Jared, anything less is simply not an option.

    - Stefhen Bryan, DOODU BOY
  • The portrait of old age that Jared Scheib manages to draw is unvarnished but always richly human, respectful, and full of dignity. [The Mayor] has several vignettes that will not leave your mind. One would not guess the age of the author.

    - Antonio Damasio, Brain and Creativity Institute
  • Jared Scheib... uses an old folks’ home in Dallas, Texas, to give us a clear pulse of humanity. [The Mayor] is one of those lucky few [docs] that, once viewed, sticks in the mind like only the deepest, truest art can.

    - Marc Smirnoff, Oxford American
  • Jared Scheib... I think, is a powerhouse in terms of producing really intelligent videos for our movement and someone that we should utilize more.

    - Sean Faircloth, Secularist Politician
  • [O]ccasionally, a piece comes along that is so compelling, so beautifully structured and played with such raw honesty that it transcends the boundaries of the theatre walls. Doodu Boy... is such a piece.

    - Melonie Magruder, Santa Monica Daily Press
  • Jared's keen eye for honesty and truth ensured there was not a false moment in the text or performance, and his gentle and humorous demeanor made taking direction easy. There were several times when I doubted my ability... that I had a story to tell. But Jared guided me to the promised land, and the response I got from the audience... was overwhelming.

  • I was impressed at how easily you accommodated the themes of our class... Your willingness to consider the interdisciplinary connections between your field and related fields, like medicine and photography, fosters a clear sense among students of the essential connections they, too, can make with other areas of human inquiry.

    - Charlotte Wellman, Edinboro University


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